About Us

Our company was established in 2010, carried from the formal company named as Union Realty Group. Union Property Investment Pty Ltd is a professional property merchant specialising in project marketing and Property management. We focus on offering quality properties and providing excellent customer service.

During the past half-decade, union has built up an excellent and faithful reputation in the market. It becomes a respectful company specializing in the marketing, selling and management of real estate properties, as well as providing advisory services in relation to property investment and management.

Our main office is located in Sydney but we have successfully provided our services for customers located in Queensland, Victoria and Mainland China.

Company has gained a reputation of joining buyers and sellers with favourable outcomes. Every customer is severed by a group of professional realty consultants.

Union Property Investment Pty Ltd committed to providing professional information to customers base on the honest, integrity and ethic principle.

Our Services

Union Investment Group’s provides comprehensive services to its customers.

On the purchaser side, services include first-class services in in property sales, market trends analysis, investment portfolio suggestion and property management.

On the developer side, Union Investment Group also aimed at building direct strategic relationships with property developers. We devote ourselves to expending our portfolios through corporate with developers to create a win-win solution.


  • Act on behalf of owners, buyers and tenants to arrange the sale and rent of property
  • Provide timely and professional realty market information and investing suggestions for clients
  • Negotiate the sale of the properties and businesses
  • Negotiate keen Pricing & Conditions of Sale on your behalf
  • Carry out Routine Inspections
  • Providing trustable legal advisers on request
  • Professional services in rental market

Targeting on Variety Community Groups

Our clients come from all sorts of communities including Australian local residents, immigrants, and also people based overseas. We understand that each party has its unique demand on realty market and we hold a high respect for different cultures and customs; therefore the premium aim of Union Investment is to satisfying all particular requirements for each valued client. Currently, the company is holding a large volume of client database from variety communities.

Why Union

  • Huge client database across Australia & Overseas  
  • Strong sales network particularly within Sydney region
  • Multi-channel marketing methods to expanding sale volumes
  • Public seminars held each week and welcome the participation of interested groups and individuals
  • Professional telemarketing team
  • Direct-marketing via all sort of pathways include Website, WeChat, SMS, Mails etc.
  • Advertisement on major real estate website, newspaper and phone networks
  • Experienced and ethic sales team
  • Solid honest track record and extensive experience in project marketing
  • Familiar with regional environment and frequently update ourselves
  • Building a strong relationship with series of trustable professional financial consultants and legal assistants
  • We are pride in our multi-lingual consultant team, company’s wide range of nationalities and cultures client database is based on these excellent staffs

Our Current Achievements

Union Property Pty Ltd is a professional project marketing company that has been collaborating with Australia’s leading developers such as Meriton, Mirvac, Billbergia and Australand on project marketing and promotion.

has assisted thousands of people whether relocating or looking for a sound investment, our clients have relied on Union Realty for a deep understanding of Australia’s real estate market and the complexity involved in buying and selling property.

Union Property also manages a large volume of rental properties for a long period. We have a professional service system to provide quality services to landlords and tenants.

We have gained a reputation for being honest and professional from the very beginning of the business. The Company has experienced tremendous growth within Australia’s real estate market, expanding to other Australian cities as well as mainland China.

Company Visions

Union Property's ultimate goal is to assist our customers’ find a home or investment that will brings years of happiness and achieve future prosperity.

Union Property is aiming to build the strongest consultants team, available for clients to share insights into the realty market.

Our services would always base on the principle of honesty, integrity and professional.